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What is the 2023 Car Gadget You Must Have?

By Shannon J. Sagan | June 6, 2023

Of all the accessories you can add to your car in 2023, one is the most essential. Wheel desks, interior LED lights, pocket organizers, headrest hooks, and cupholder diffusers may…

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How Does this 2023 New Law Affect EVERY Person Injured in Florida?

By Shannon J. Sagan | May 24, 2023

Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed a bill into law that could affect every person injured in Florida from this point on. Although the Governor’s office labels this new law as…

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Reckless Driving and Disregard of a Traffic Signal, How a Dash Cam Can Help If You Are Hit

By Shannon J. Sagan | March 29, 2023

When drivers are reckless and ignore traffic signals, it’s not only frustrating – it’s also dangerous. The rules of the road exist for a reason, and when they’re violated, it…

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Protect Yourself from Road Rage with a Dash Cam

By Shannon J. Sagan | March 23, 2023

It’s not your imagination – road rage incidents are on the rise throughout the nation, including Florida. According to a recent study, rage incidents have risen by more than 30%…

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Will I Still Have a Case if the Date or Time Is Wrong on My Dash Cam?

By Shannon J. Sagan | March 14, 2023

Your dashboard camera’s video footage can provide important evidence to support your auto accident claim. But what happens if your camera’s time stamp shows the wrong time and date when…

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Let’s Go Over Situations Where You Would Need a DashCam

By Shannon J. Sagan | March 6, 2023

Transcript: Shannon Sagan: What’s up everybody? Shannon Sagan here. 1800flalawyer, aka The Dash Cam Lawyer. One perfect scenario as to why you should have a dash cam, a road rage…

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Attorney Shannon J. Sagan interviewed by the famous actor Logan Crawford

By Shannon J. Sagan | March 1, 2023
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If Someone is Stalking You, You Need a DashCam!

By Shannon J. Sagan | February 27, 2023

Transcript: Shannon Sagan: What’s up, everybody? Shannon Sagan here, 1-800-FLA-Lawyer, AKA the DashCam Lawyer. Another great reason to have a dash cam, someone’s stalking you, someone’s following you in your…

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Great Reasons To Have a Dashcam

By Shannon J. Sagan | February 23, 2023

In a previous blog, we discussed why you should invest in a dashcam for your vehicle. Dashcams can aid the police investigation following a road accident. They can also maximize…

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