Types of Dashcams (And How They Can Help You in Accidents)

By Shannon J. Sagan | January 23, 2023

Did you ever consider that a dashcam can increase your and other people’s safety, provide video evidence in the event of an accident, and even save you from unfair speeding…

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What Is a Dashcam?

By Shannon J. Sagan | January 16, 2023

Video footage from dashcams has helped people filing insurance claims prove they were not at fault for a car accident for approximately a decade in the U.S. But what is…

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Dashcams: The 2023 Must-Have Gadget To Have in Florida

By Shannon J. Sagan | January 10, 2023

Ask any car accident lawyer in Florida: How you can protect your rights before an accident occurs? Nine times out of ten, personal injury attorneys will tell you to install…

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