Let’s Go Over Situations Where You Would Need a DashCam

One perfect scenario as to why you should have a dash cam, a road rage incident. Somebody’s chasing you down, somebody’s hit your car, somebody’s trying to get in your car and attack you. This is a perfect way for them to not get away. Perfect scenario for them not to lie and say you were the aggressor, you started it or you attacked them. You’ve got all the evidence right there on your dash cam showing that you did nothing wrong and that they were trying to come after you. Perfect to get them in trouble if they commit a crime and/or for presenting it to their insurance company so you can make a claim against them if you have any injuries as a result.

So go get a dash cam and help yourself if you’re involved in a road rage accident.

1800flalawyer, aka The Dash Cam Lawyer.

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