Statute of Limitations

Understanding the legal system can be extremely beneficial. The following notes can help you understand certain procedures regarding collecting compensation for your injuries.

Time Is Of The Essence

Many people believe they have been wronged and want to do something about it. Unfortunately, these individuals often lack experience in dealing with civil matters and they end up mishandling the proceedings associated with their lawsuit. These victims end up losing the opportunity to gain the monetary compensation they are entitled to receive after an accident.

statute of limitations

Most cases have a time frame in which a plaintiff can file a lawsuit. This time frame is called the Statute Of Limitations and it differs from case to case. Once the Statute Of Limitation expires, the plaintiff can no longer file a lawsuit against the defendant that has wronged them.

Case By Case

Every case is different, and the Statute Of Limitation will depend on the type of case that is at hand. For example, wrongful death claims and malpractice claims must be filed within two-years. On the other hand, if a plaintiff believes that they suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence, the plaintiff will have four years to bring charges against the perpetrator. By contrast, the Statute Of Limitations for written contracts is five years.

There are situations where the Statute Of Limitations may be placed on hold. These situations include cases where: the defendant can not be found, or the defendant has become incapacitated.


The law may vary depending on where you are, where the incident took place, and who are the parties involved.
The State of Florida has placed a four year Statute Of Limitation on civil claims. This four years limit begins the date the accident occurred.
In the event that you are filing a civil claim against the state government, county, or city, the Statute Of Limitations is only three years.

Don’t Wait

If you are planning on bringing a lawsuit against someone in the state of Florida, you should talk with an attorney that is familiar with that particular legal system. Do not wait, get the answers you need. Don’t allow the opportunity to pass you by.

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