How to Gauge the Severity of Your Accident

If you’ve been injured in an accident, ask yourself this:

How bad is my injury?

Who is at fault?

And do you need to contact a personal injury lawyer?

accident injury

The answer to the first two questions will determine whether or not you will need to call a lawyer to help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

How bad is your injury?

Not all injuries are created equal. Perhaps you are suffering from a broken ankle. Maybe you’ve been rear-ended and feeling discomfort in your lower back. No matter the type of injury, the courts will need to see some proof. This means that you, the injured victim, will need to see a licensed and certified physician who will diagnose your injuries and corroborate your statements to the court. Without that, you will have a hard time proving your claim in a court of law.

Is your injury affecting your life?

We all know that Injuries can be severe; however, one important question you’ll need to answer is:

How has this injury affected your life?

Did you accrue medical bills?

Is the injury preventing you from working?

If your injury is adversely affecting your life, and you are no longer able to support yourself or your loved ones, then call a personal injury attorney right away; you may be eligible for compensation.

Who is At Fault?

In order to determine fault, the courts will look at many factors such as:




And where?

This might sound simple but the answer is not easy to determine. That is why you need to contact a personal injury attorney to help you sift through the facts to answer these poignant questions. Every state has laws to help us determine the cause of accidents, and whether or not there was negligence involved. Courts will examine the evidence which is not always easy. For example, did the accident occur at work? If so, did your employer do, or fail to do something to cause the accident? Or perhaps you crashed into another motorist because of faulty brakes, unaware that your car has been recalled for that same issues. Let an attorney help you investigate and navigate through the legal mess.

Call an attorney

You may feel that you have an open and shut case. You may also have the urge to take the matter in your own hands and represent yourself, but I believe the best plan of action is to contact a competent and experienced personal injury attorney that knows the legal system. Remember that what you truly want is the highest quality medical care and compensation that you deserve.

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